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The Department of Romance Languages and Literatures is committed to an interdisciplinary, international, and collaborative vision of the study of language, literature, and culture. RLL is a diverse and dynamic academic unit offering undergraduate majors and minors in its core areas of French, Italian, and Spanish, and graduate concentrations in French, Spanish, and Romance Linguistics. In addition, we have emerging pedagogical and research interests in Catalan and Portuguese. RLL has cross-disciplinary strengths in Iberian and Latin American Studies, Francophone Canadian, Caribbean, and Sub-Saharan Studies, Early Modern Studies, Cultural Studies, (Post)Colonial Studies, Urban and Landscape Studies, Gender Studies, Disability Studies, Poetry, Theater and Performance, Film, and Romance Linguistics.

Advising appointments for RLL majors/minors (200-level courses and up)

on Tue, 2014/08/26 - 3:16pm

RLL majors and minors (200-level courses and up) can now schedule an appointment themselves with faculty advisors - with the option to download it into an e-calendar.  Students will also be able to cancel/reschedule appointments using the confirmation emails they receive, and they will be sent email appointment reminders.

All requests for major/minor advisement should start at this link, not with a phone call or an email to the RLL main office. 

Students should cancel all unneeded appointments as soon as possible in order to open times for other students and to help faculty advisors stay current on their advising schedules.

A permanent link to the scheduler will live on the "Majors/Minors" page of this website.   Access is also available at this link:

Brian Phillips defends his dissertation

on Mon, 2014/06/30 - 3:48pm

Brian Michael Phillips successfully defended his dissertation entitled  "Social Illness Embodied:  Pícaros, Converts, and Free Women in the Literature of the Golden Age" on June 30, 2014.   His committee was formed by Dr. David Castillo, main advisor,  Dr. Galen Brokaw and Dr. Amy Graves-Monroe.

Congratulations to Dr. Phillips!


Sarah Hart defends her dissertation

on Mon, 2014/06/16 - 1:46pm

Dr. Sarah Ann Hart successfully defended her dissertation "Loss of the Old Spanish -udo Participle:  A Corpus Based Study" on May 12, 2014.  Her committee was formed by  Dr. Jorge Guitart, main advisor, Eva Juarros-Daussa, Jeannette Ludwig, and Roger Woodard.  

Congratulations to Dr. Hart!

Beth Kuberka defends her dissertation

on Mon, 2014/06/16 - 1:42pm

Dr. Beth Anne Kuberka successfully defended her dissertation "Modes of Reproduction:  Gender, Subjectivity, and Familial Relations in Southern Cone Literature Since 1950"  on May 2, 2014.   Her dissertation committee was formed by:  Justin Read, main advisor,  Margarita Vargas and Kari Winter.    

Congratulations to Dr. Kuberka!

Annual Hispanic Studies Honor Society Initiation 2014

on Mon, 2014/06/09 - 10:17pm

Ten UB students were inducted into Sigma Delta Pi, the national Spanish honor society, on May 2nd. The Beta Nu Chapter supports activities of potential benefit to all learners and speakers of Spanish, such as the Spanish Conversation Table. These students became eligible to pledge their loyalty to the Society through their high achievements in Spanish and other courses and their commitment to Hispanism. The 2014 initiates are: Samantha Chasworth, Jacqueline Chavarria, Amy Kathleen Hinchcliffe, Morgan Jusko, Lisa Kaemmerlen, Ann MacIntyre, Wayne B. Millen, Ashley Rosenberg, Sarah Stoughton, and Jessica Yarnes. President Jenell Victoria Green and Vice President Jacob Urmanec officiated at the candle-lit ceremony. Congratulations and best wishes to all!